Server Rules

By entering the server you accept 
automatically the rules!

§1 Naming

So-called fakernames are forbidden, nicknames may not be insulting or similar. Unauthorized nicknames will be permanently banned from the server, changing the nickname permanently is forbidden, because of server logging the IP will be kept in order to have a permanent monitoring.

Nevertheless, the nickname may be changed once a day!

§1.1 Avatars

All avatar images must not contain anything radical, sexist or violent, otherwise you will receive a verbal warning, and in the case of frequent warnings §9 comes into force immediately!

§2 Interrupting conversations

Users who deliberately disrupt conversations and do not show any insight even after repeated reminders must expect a channel or server kick.

§2.1 Musicbots and general bots

If you don't do this, there is a ban for players and bot! server admins or persons with equivalent groups don't have to follow the rule for §2.1. bots are forbidden which have only founder channel administrators. Bots may not have a founder channel administrator even if they have a function.

§3 Insults

If you don't know how to handle things properly and insult others, whether direct or subtle, you have to live with the consequences and we also have a ban system:

In order of order:

Ban: 2 hours
Ban: 10 hours
Ban: 24 hours
Ban: Permanent
The system does not have to be considered by a server admin, he can act after his decision!

§4 sounds

You are also asked to adjust the microphone so that breathing is not heard constantly or if you eat while eating and you don't have anything to say, please deactivate your microphone.

§5 Channel Hopping

It's forbidden, that means you can't just switch around and fly around in the air.

§5.1 Private Channel

If there is a need for a private channel, this request can be discussed with Pierre, but radical, sexist or similar names are not allowed as channel names, but if this is the case, the channel will be deleted without warning and will receive the group "1st warning".

§6 TS3 Rights

Begging for server rights such as operator, channel admin or server admin is not welcome here.
If, however, further requests of higher rights are made with immediate effect, they will be denied!
All groups dealing with game titles can be requested.

§7 Control rights

Every member of the team or the server admins can switch to a protected channel or move individual users to control a call.

§8 Advertising

Any kind of active advertising for your own purposes is forbidden, unless this has been agreed with an admin.

§9 Kicking and Banishing

No one is banned or kicked for no reason! ALL members of the team have the right to kick and ban people if you see a need to do so.

§10 Handling tone

There is a reasonable tone here, when you talk to us, use a reasonable language and don't speak assozial or something like that. nonobservance refers to: §3 insults.

§11 Tools

Any tools that cause the TS-Client to crash are prohibitedIf other tools, plugins or modifications on the client are detected, a penalty will be imposed that will result in at least one time ban.If it turns out that a user goes to the server again with a different IP and another identity in spite of a ban, this will result in an IP range ban! if it turns out that someone is hacking or cheating, then all groups will be withdrawn from the person and the group of prison victims will be assigned and a kick from the TS will be done.

§12 Ban Appeal

If in your opinion the ban should be unfounded, send a plausible explanation to [email protected] Colleagues of the banned person are still on the TS-Server, so they can contact Pierre by private message to cancel the ban, if there are any unfounded reasons, the ban will not be reversed.

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