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Breakdown at the Infrastructure
Pierre, 2017-11-11

At 9.11.17  OVH suffered a 4 hour European breakdown, which affected our infrastructure. During this time your bot could not connect. We apologize for any inconvenience!

#Update: At 10.11 again 7 hour. We are already in talk with OVH.

Giveaway ended
Futuregamers, 2017-05-28

The Giveaway has ended and it's:

  • Vili Lavikainen


10€ LoL Giveaway
Futuregamers, 2017-05-05

Hello Community,

at monday our Giveaway will open for all of you!
If you want you can enter the Giveaway, it's fast and easy.

The Giveaway will End on 28th.!

Enter here the Giveaway

Futuregamers Team


January donation goal finished
Futuregamers team, 2017-01-24

Since today the donation goal is finished!

Thank you for all donators for this great support!

Merry Christmas!
Futuregamers Team, 2016-12-24

Christmas is a time for nostalgia, but it is also a time for making new memories. Enjoy the fellowship of new friends, and cherish the company of family in this season of loving and sharing.

Merry Christmas!

I would like to introduce our new AFK system
Pierre, 2016-12-22

Since today we use a new inovative AFK system on our Teamspeak Server.

  • If you are AFK for 20 minutes you will become the temporary group after the next 20 minutes the Bot will move you to the AFK-Area.
  • If you are after the 20 minutes the Bot will remove the AFK group.

This will increases the visibility of an inactivity.


I hope you all will like it :)

The giveaway is over! - The winner is: ....
Pierre, 2016-12-13

The giveaway is over!!

Congratulations to the winner:



He has now the PSC, now have fun :)

We're start a giveaway!
Futuregamers team, 2016-12-04

As new year present we giving away:

  • 5€ PaySafeCard

You can join our giveaway at: 5€ PaySafeCard giveaway

Futuregamers Steam group
Pierre, 2016-11-25

We have created 2 days ago a Steam group ""

If you want you can join our Steam group :) Steam group

New Teamspeak Banner - Winter Edition!
Pierre, 2016-11-15

For Winter we have created a new Banner you can see here:

Ads on the website
Pierre, 2016-11-02

Since a few days we use ads to cover the server cost and optimize the services what we currently offer and create.

It will be great if you can disable your ad blocker on our site to help us.

What you only need to do:

  1. Right click
  2. Click on the ad blocker
  3. "Disable the ad blocker on this domain

Thank you for your support!

The Futuregamers team 

Introducing the channel "Community-Talk // Community-Games"
Pierre, 2016-10-29


with this channel we want to speak with you and to play with you!

The channel will sometime open for all user.

  • You can speak or play with us
  • You can tell us your question or a problem
  • You have a request? We want to know it
Introducing the server
A mystery author, 2016-10-27

Hello and good evening,

I will say a few informations about the server:

  • We are a upcoming community and you are a great part of it!
  • You know, that we are not a public server? We are a private server for everyone and we want that everyone will have fun
  • Since a few weeks we are now everyday over 40 user, maybe we achieve the 50 user too
  • We create currently a inovative teamspeak webinterface for every user, with this interface you can:
    • Collect EXP to level up and unlock a few functions like create a private channel 
    • With an higher level you will collect Diamonds too, you can use the Diamonds in the Black Market
    • To collect faster EXP you can unlock Achievements
    • We will do events like Seasons, who has the most EXP, the most Diamonds or the highest level
    • You want to send our team a message but nobody is online? Send it at the interface!

Enough from me today, I hope you will like the interface when we release it :)

New Teamspeak Banner - Halloween Edition!
Pierre, 2016-10-23

For Halloween we have created a new Banner you can see here:

Donation for Futuregamers!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

We have implemented a new donation system to the website.

Your donation will be used for:
1. Server
2. Domain
3. Musicbots
4. Our upcoming project

I will say thank you for everyone who will donate for this community project!

You can donate with PayPal for an easy and fast transaction.
If you want to send a donation with BTC or PSC send me a mail or a message in Teamspeak.

#Update: DDoS attack on our hosting provider - Other news!!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

OVH has fixed the problem about the DDoS attack on their infrastructure so our server will not go down again, thanks OVH!

Other news, we have new Co-Server Admins (alpabetical sorted)
1. Anton
2. Dennis
3. Fabi
4. Leandro
5. Max
6. Steffen

All these Co-Server Admins will help you with your problems on the server and can give you the server groups you wish!

The 3rd news: I have fixed some problems on the website, now it will response faster and without problems!

DDoS attack on our hosting provider - Infrastructure instable!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Since yesterday the 24th. at the evening there was a big attack on OVH why our server infrastructure was down.

The message about the ddos from the ceo from OVH you can see here:

We apologize for the inconvenience

Open positions for Co-Server Admins
Pierre, 2016-10-17

We search a new Co-Server-Admin for the server. 
You are:
- 16 years old
- Have fun with supporting other members
- More then 3 days in the week online 

If you think you are the perfect person for this position send a application via mail at "[email protected]".

I wish you good luck!

Have fun!

New Teamspeak Banner - Fall Edition!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Since today we have fall and here is the new fall banner!

I hope you like it!

Right here you can see it:

New Teamspeak Banner - Summer Edition!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

I know, it is a "little" bit late but I have created a summer edition from the banner.

I hope you like it!

Right here you can see it:

Current problems with the website
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Currently we have some problems with the website, sometimes you can't connect.

We will fix it soon as possible!

Old server for Teamspeak and more!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Our new server has a problem AFTER 2 DAYS!!

So we moved back to the old server.

Maybe some icons are not into Teamspeak so send an admin or me (Pierre) a message which icon is not on the server.

We hope we have no problems with this server again..

Server offline!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Currently our provider has a problem with our server, we hope they fix it within the next hour.

New server for Teamspeak and more!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

We have added a new server for teamspeak and in the future more,

right now we have changed the server for teamspeak so you need to connect to ""

Have a great evening!

Current problems with the musicbots
Pierre, 2016-10-17

We have currently much problems with our musicbots, if you see the musicbots are not working write a message to me.

Thanks for your understanding!

We search a new Co-Server Admin
Pierre, 2016-10-17

We search a new Co-Server-Admin for the server.
You are:
- 16 years old
- Have fun with supporting other members
- More then 3 days in the week online 

If you think you are the right person for this position send Pierre into the server a message

Have fun!

Information about our interactive Teamspeak Webinterface
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Currently the development is paused for a few weeks.

Our developer is in the holidays and will work in a few weeks again.

All news you can see here - Welcome!
Pierre, 2016-10-17

Welcome on our current website!
Here you see will informations about:
1. Teamspeak server
    * Status of the server
    * Admin list who is online

2. Development of the Webinterface
3. Banlist
4. Current serverrules

Server status


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